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Our Impact

Creation of an interdisciplinary professional home

“Leadership, collaboration, mentorship, and networking for health professionals working in the field of substance use.”

AMERSA members represent numerous disciplines including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, dentists, pharmacists and public health professionals. The Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, other leadership , and awardees reflect the diversity of disciplines represented by its membership.

AMERSA’s annual conference attracts national and international attendees and provides opportunities for networking, mentorship, collaboration, and receiving feedback on work in progress.

“The ONLY place to meet up with colleagues from across disciplines with common interests and approaches.” (AMERSA conference participant, 2014)

AMERSA members include professionals throughout their careers, from students and trainees to Department Chairs, and play diverse professional roles, including program innovators, educators, researchers, and government officials.  Members hold many kinds of professional positions such as Executive Directors, National Program/Service Directors, Department Chairs, Division and Section Chiefs, Residency and Fellowship Directors, and funded investigators.

Innovation, leadership, and advocacy for interdisciplinary education and training in substance use

AMERSA advocates for programs and policies that promote inclusion of substance use in training curricula for health professionals. Highlights of some specific activities include:

  • AMERSA created the first multi-disciplinary health professional faculty development program, Career Teachers Training Program (1972-82), sponsored by NIAAA and NIDA. Through this program, health professions teachers implemented curricular changes to enhance substance use education at their professional schools.
  • AMERSA developed the 2002 Strategic Plan for Interdisciplinary Faculty Development in Substance Abuse, which resulted in Project MAINSTREAM (MultiAgency INitiative for Substance abuse TRaining and Education for AMerica).
  • AMERSA members design curricula and training and provide mentorship in the national SAMHSA-funded Provider Clinical Support Systems program.
  • AMERSA members lead and contribute to numerous international, national and regional educational and training programs, including National SBIRT Nursing Coalition, Chief Resident Immersion Training program, American Society of Addiction Medicine board review and scientific meetings, and SCOPE of Pain.

Promotion and advancement of substance use research

AMERSA’s annual conference exposes attendees to substance use-related research and provides a forum for exchange and mentorship. Attendees will find:

  • Cutting-edge presentations in substance use research, education, program development and evaluation, clinical care, and policy
  • Networking and collaboration among federally-funded clinical researchers
  • A mentoring program that connects trainees and junior professionals with senior mentors
  • Awards for clinical research, curriculum design and program evaluation, mentorship, and career contributions to the field of substance use and mentorship

AMERSA’s official publication, Substance Abuse, now in its 4th decade of publication, is a peer-reviewed journal offering wide-ranging coverage for healthcare professionals, addiction specialists and others engaged in research, education, clinical care, and service delivery and evaluation.

Promotion of evidence-based substance use-related care and treatment

AMERSA promotes evidence-based care and treatment through the creation of an interdisciplinary professional home, annual conference, journal, and participation in national programs and organizations.

Generation and dissemination of impactful substance use policy

AMERSA generates and disseminates scientific information about substance use policy at its annual national conference and through the organization’s peer-reviewed journal, Substance Abuse.

AMERSA provides a forum and community for discussion and debate of health policy topics related to substance use.