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Accepted Manuscripts

Once authors receive an acceptance notification, the paper is considered “in press.” Authors will be asked to complete a copyright transfer statement at that time. Once a signed copyright transfer is received, accepted manuscripts (unedited) will be posted online by the publisher, which generally occurs within 3-4 weeks post-acceptance. Manuscripts not fully adhering to the author instructions will likely experience a processing delay. The latest articles accepted by Substance Abuse journal are available here.

Access to Accepted Manuscripts

After an accepted article is posted online as an epublication ahead of print, Taylor & Francis will send each author an email containing information on how to download the article for free from Taylor & Francis Online. Each author also receives an eprint link to share free online access to the article with up to 50 colleagues. For more information on eprints, see: We encourage authors to post this link to their social media accounts in order to enhance dissemination of their work. To learn more about how to share your work, see: Authors supplying a valid email address will also be given an opportunity to purchase reprints of individual articles or copies of a complete print issue.

Print Publication

Page proofs for accepted manuscripts will be sent by Taylor & Francis to the designated corresponding author using the Central Article Tracking System (CATS) prior to print publication. Note that the online version of the manuscript will be updated to reflect the final print version once proofs are returned and processed. Proofs are processed in small batches on a continuous basis. Print issues are released on a quarterly basis (February, May, August, and November).

Open Access

Taylor & Francis Open Select provides authors or their research sponsors and funders with the option of paying a publishing fee and thereby making an article fully and permanently available for free online access – open access – immediately on publication to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This option is made available once an article has been accepted. Click here for full details of the Open Access program.