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Review Process

Submitted manuscripts will first undergo an administrative review. Those submissions not adhering to the author instructions may be administratively rejected. Acceptable submissions are sent to the Editor-in-Chief to be evaluated for content. The Editor-in-Chief may make an immediate decision to reject the submission because the work is not appropriate to publish in Substance Abuse journal. Otherwise, the Editor-in-Chief will forward the article to an Associate Editor for review. Associate Editors will review the article for merit and articles of interest will be assigned peer reviewers with expertise relevant to the submission. Peer reviewers will be blinded to the authors and institutions of the authors. In most cases, in addition to editorial review, at least two peer reviews will occur for each submission. The Editors will consider reviewer comments and make a determination. One of the four possible decisions – accept as is, accept with revision, revise and resubmit, or reject – will be communicated to the corresponding author. Substance Abuse journal aims for a 6-week turnaround from author submission to the initial Editor-in-Chief decision.

Substance Abuse journal allows a limited amount of time for authors to submit a revision without it being considered a new submission; authors receiving an “accept with revision” or “revise and resubmit” decision will be given 6 weeks to make changes and resubmit. Authors are expected to provide a tracked changes version of their previous submission and thoroughly address reviewer concerns when submitting a revised manuscript. Substance Abuse journal will also request a point-by-point response to reviewer comments from authors whose manuscripts receive a “revise and resubmit” decision. Resubmitted manuscripts may undergo an additional round of peer review.