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The AMERSA Special Interest Group for Nurses (known as AMERSA Nurses) is a vibrant alliance of nurse clinicians, educators, and scientists who come together each year at the AMERSA Conference. Our overarching goal in this interdisciplinary organization is to engage in discussions that advance education, research, clinical care, and policy agendas related to substance use in nursing and substance use in general. We share issues that are nursing centric and represent opportunities for the organization as a whole, in order to influence and progress emerging discussions and strategies related to the prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery for persons impacted by substance use.

Importantly, we work together to provide mentoring and guidance for those whose interest is in the education and research across the continuum of substance use—advancing leadership potential and impact both for the novice and for the experienced professional.

The networking opportunities among the AMERSA nurses and nursing scientists are great for those entering the field and those who have more experience. We welcome new members. To join AMERSA Nurses, please contact Doreen Baeder, Executive Director of AMERSA.

AMERSA Nurses Announce New Marianne Marcus Scholarship!

As many of you know, AMERSA member, Dr. Marcus is a pioneer in nursing who has dedicated her career to advancing the science associated with substance use prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery initiatives. As a pathfinder for the substance use-related field in general and nursing in particular, Dr. Marcus has “paid it forward” evidenced by those whose careers as educators, researchers, clinicians, and advocates have been fostered as a result of her mentorship.

We are currently soliciting tax-deductible donations to fund this scholarship!

Click here to donate or to apply for this award.