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Full Name Email Organization Expertise Academic Degree
Shannon Smith-Bernardin UCSF; Los Angeles Dept of Health Services health care for homeless persons; sobering centers; public intoxication; recuperative/respite care PhD, RN, CARN, CNL
Susanne Fogger University of Alabama at Birmingham working with patients who are HIV postive DNP, PMHNP=BC, CARN-AP
Karen Hande Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Opioid misuse and abuse in patients with cancer, APRN opioid prescribing DNP, MSN, BSN
Elizabeth M. Pace Peer Assistance Services, Inc. Peer health programs; EAP; NPO management; SBIRT MSM, BSN
Deborah S. Finnell Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing SBIRT, alcohol use, neurobiology DNS, MS, BS
Full Name Email Organization Expertise Academic Degree
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Displaying 1 - 5 of 5